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Reflection on Shooting in Flight Simulators

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Like everyone else, since I do screenshots within my flight simulators (essentially the Microsoft Flight Simulator), I find that, for the most part, I am taking views from the outside or landscapes. If one thinks about it well, since we are on a site that is concerned with realism, I should advocate shooting that fits reality. Good examples (in video) of a real practice are found in all the videos that can be found on the Internet, which were taken from the passenger windows or from the crew flight decks, or still pictures seen on the site < a href = "http:"//">Airliners, not to mention sites of spotting, these picture shooters working at the end of the runways at take off and landing, on large and small terrains. With the exception of takeoff and landing, it is, finally, rare to find external views as those, in general, are said to be 'air to air' ones. One has to ask, finally, if the community of the flightsimmers did not invent the selfie before the selfie :) To the extent that we would like to insist, in this area too, on the realistic aspect, we should take into account what can be done, in terms of photography, from a airplane (pilot or passenger). Let's summarize the categories of photos possible in real life:

illustration for the tutorial: Miscellaneous ways of shooting in a flight simulator
Miscellaneous ways of shooting in a flight simulator (non-clickable illustration)
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