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The Turbine Engine

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Important! To Read! those tutorials about the night VFR and IFR ratings, and about flying the airliners are not as accurate and reliable than those dedicated to the VFR flights. It's because we really practised the VFR flights, as we didn't ever qualify for the night VFR and the IFR ratings nor any commercial license! Our tutorials about such flights are based on our VFR experience only, and augmented with data and readings taken from the Internet! People who would like to find in those the same level of accuracy and details than in our VFR tutorials, should better turn to further websites or source. People who are just looking for a honest level of realism might be satisfied already with the level of our tutorials about the night VFR, IFR flights, and the ones aboard an airliner

Aviation engines sort into two main types with the reciprocating engine and the turbine engine. As the reciprocating engine mostly are used by GA planes, some advanced twin engine planes included, the turbine engine are featured by commercial planes and airliners. They have increased performance and are easier to use

Turbine engine are mostly known by the general public under their other name of jet engine. The turbine engine brings air into, compresses and ignites it at the exhaust gas are expelled at high speed backwards, which generates thrust. Turbine engines come into three types

Also to know that the turboshaft engine allows, for example, to the work of the rotor of a helicopter on the same basis than the turborprop. The air is not exhausted as it serves to rotate a turbine linked to the rotor. A turboshaft is also the engine which is powering the airliners' auxiliary power unit (APU) which provides electrical power the craft from the tail

Turbine engine controls are simplier than those of a reciprocating engine. For exemple, automatic fuel control system are in charge of mixing the air with fuel in the combustion chambers. The main action, as far as a turbofan is concerned, consists into the gas throttle only. You will keep in mind however that the reaction of a turbine engine is slow and that any additional need in power must be anticipated. A turbine engine, on the other hand, is featuring the following specific features

Oil pressure, oil temperature, engine RPM, fuel flow along with vibrations rate come to add to the turbine engine gauge. As far as a turboprop is concerned, a plane obviously features a propeller pitch control as such a propeller works like a GA plane typical adjustable-pitch propeller. Power inversion are too a characteristic of turbine engines with the exhaust gas diverted forwards to slow the plane after landing

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