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Licenses and Careers in the Aviation World

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To pilot a plane necessitates that you are habilitated to do so. To get such a capacity, you will have first to hold the basic piloting 'license' as linked to the plane considered. A license, in the aviation world, is a permit equivalent to what the driver's licence is for cars. Building upon a licence, a pilot will be then able to get trained to 'qualifications' allowing to such or such type of plane, or such or such type of flight. A qualification, strictly is not another license but a successful specialized training instead which will have been performed on a certain type of plane, or in a certain type of flight conditions

All such trainings -leading either to a license or to a qualification- are directed by a flight instructor who holds a flight instructor license. A flight instructor is officially allowed to train a pilot to one of the licenses as described above or to a qualification. Other trainings like the ones for a deltaplane, paragliding, or motorized paragliding, etc. are not described here. One thing to know: flying among a mountainous environment does not require a qualification for a private pilot. A private pilot however during his training is awared to the specific air conditions he may encounter in such conditions like the ascending and descending drafts, the valley winds or the risk to be trapped by nefarious weather conditions, etc. A private pilot too is made aware of the specific air conditions he may encounter when flying along seashore like the morning, earthbound or evening, seabound wind

How does one get trained to all those licenses or qualifications? Mostly three ways of access are encountered

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