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Medical Considerations about Those Tutorials

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People using our tutorials will take note that, in the real world, piloting requires that you take a medical examination by which a sport-specialized physician will ascertain that your health is compatible with flying. Such an examination is usually performed before you begin to enter a flying training for a Private Pilot License (PPL) for example, and, once your PPL obtained, it's further performed to allow you to get a renewal of your it by interval. Professional and army pilots are further more required to pass such medical examinations. As our tutorials are aiming at a improvement of the realism of your flights, it might be of common sense that, should you deem that, in the real world, you wouldn't pass such examinations, you ask your physician whether such a practice of flight might be, or not, damageable to your health. Further more, for example, some versions of the simulator, or additional softwares may allow for more realism thus for more caution still. Our liability couldn't be engaged in case your health would suffer any damage, following a training based on our tutorials

As far as the question of wearing glasses is concerned, the fact that you wear glasses may not be necessarily a hindrance to a PPL (for the army, just get informed). The visual accuracy of someone aiming to get a Private Pilot License, is to be, with glasses, in the real world; of 7/10th as the correcting glasses must no excede -5/+5 dioptrics

Medical questions relating specifically to the use of computers and/or specific to the use of video games (epilepsy, for example) are not part of the previous developments, as, they are thus of the sole liability of the users of our tutorials

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