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Details of The Preparation of a Airliner's Flight

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Important! To Read! those tutorials about the night VFR and IFR ratings, and about flying the airliners are not as accurate and reliable than those dedicated to the VFR flights. It's because we really practised the VFR flights, as we didn't ever qualify for the night VFR and the IFR ratings nor any commercial license! Our tutorials about such flights are based on our VFR experience only, and augmented with data and readings taken from the Internet! People who would like to find in those the same level of accuracy and details than in our VFR tutorials, should better turn to further websites or source. People who are just looking for a honest level of realism might be satisfied already with the level of our tutorials about the night VFR, IFR flights, and the ones aboard an airliner

Before a airliner is pushed back at the door, a whole series of actions occur, that allow the aircraft to be prepared for flight. If one wants to fly realistically, it would be appropriate at least to know that chronology. Because to respect it would imply, for a first flight when leaving one's company's hub base, for example, 1h 45 in addition to the flight time! A good detailed article (in French unluckily!), abstract of which inspired our tutorial, is on the page https:// at the site FlightSim corner. The pushback is considered the beginning of the flight as, for our example, that will be at 8:20 a.m.):

That description is valid for the first flight of the day of a aircraft which, usually fly several destinations during that same day. Between landing at one destination and departure from it for the next flight, 45 to 60 minutes are needed (between 25 and 30 for low cost companies). Thence it will be up to each one to organize all that, by the beginning of a flight, to render these peculiarities. Personally, being applied to :) and practicing some temporal ellipses, I take around 42 minutes of preparation before the flight. I think it's worth a try because you will realize the reality of a airline flight and then you can abbreviate further (the following text was changed):

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