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The Cost of Flying a GA Plane

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Once you PPL obtained, which may amount to about to between 5,000 to 9,000$, the ownership of a GA plane brings a cost. Let's see what that cost is for, say, a plane of the type Cessna 172! A annual inspection is required by a licensed mechanic along with maintenance, will cost about 1,000$ per year as every 1,800 or 2,000 hours of flight a overhaul check is needed, with the plane's engine removed and rebuilt at a cost of about 18,000$. Insurance may be secured at about 1,200$ per year. A total of 1,700$ may be needed as far as renting a hangar is concerned. As about 50 hours per year of flight are the most typical to pilots who fly for recreation 15 gallons a hour at 6$ a gallon will amount to about 4,500$. Miscellaneous landing fee at a maximum of 25$ by daytime or 5 to 20$ at night. A total, the main overhaul excluded -as for a usual pilot, that will occur every 40 years- flying a plane cost about 8,700$ a year. Like a comparison, renting a plane like a Cessna 172 will cost anywhere between 85 to 120$ per hour with fuel included. With the usual 50 hours of flight a year, and a lesser independency, a pilot will spend between 4,250 to 6000$. A way to reduce the full owneship of a plane is to share it with one or more people, which will also bring to a lesser independency with the use of the plane

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