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Should you want to pass your PPL, the licence allowing to fly aboard a general aviation plane -which is a simple plane- in the real world, that should usually need a 40-hour training organized into varied steps and lessons. To have a idea about how making that available in your FS, just check that tutorial: . How to Organize One's PPL Training the Closest to The Real World. You may also just scour our tutorials with no need of a direction. The best plane for the PPL training is the Cessna 172, a plane you would fly in any PPL training school in the U.S.A. (you may also get information on what plane is mostly in use in your country for that purpose)

arrow back . Basic Pilotage
. General presentation of a GA plane
. The GA Plane Engine
. A GA Plane's Main Gauges in Detail!
. Level Flight, Climbs, Descents, Turns Aboard a GA Plane
. Taking Off and Landing in a GA Plane
. Ground Reference Maneuvers
. The Standard Airport Traffic Pattern
. The Private Pilot's Logbook
. The Steps of a Flight in a GA Plane
. The Concept of Slow Flight
. A Plane's Lights

arrow back . The Navigation Flight
. To Navigate Aboard a GA Plane
. The Weather Fronts in the Mid-northern Latitudes (with General Data About the Weather Systems in the Other Regions of the World)
. How to Handle Wind at Landing?
. Airspace Control and Phraseology
. The Altimeter Settings
. Short-Field and Soft/Rough-Field Takeoff And Landing, Turbulent Air Landing
. VFR Rules
. VFR Miscellaneous: Radionav Aids, Advanced Pilotage, Emergencies
. The Miscellaneous Speed Types for A GA Plane
. The Morse Code
. Weight and Balance Calculations For the GA Plane
. Night VFR
. The Cost of Flying a GA Plane

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