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The GA Plane Engine

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Aviation engines sort into two main types. The reciprocating engine, and the turbine engine. Piston engines are mostly featured by GA planes, some advance twin engine planes included as turbine engines are featured by commercial planes and airliners

Reciprocating engines are mostly similar to those used, for example, aboard cars. With a intake-compression-power-exhaust cycle, a air-fuel mix is compressed and ignited, which, through a explosion, makes each piston of the engine work. That motion in turn makes a crankshaft turn which is powering the plane's propeller. Most of aviation engines are cooled by air, which is simplier, safer and less weight-adding. The spark, which is having the air-fuel mixture exploding and triggering the engine cycle, is yielded, for the set of pistons, by a magneto, as each piston is featuring two spark plugs. A magneto is a device which produces electrical power via a rotating magnet; that rotation, for a plane engine, is produced by the engine vilebrequin. There are two magneto for each plane's engine. Should a spark plug or a magneto fails the additional spark plug or the second magneto allow for the engine to keep running. A plane's engine thus is featuring a double-ignition system which is warranting safety as it further improves, through two-spark-generators, the functionment of the engine. Both magnetos, on the other hand, are not relying upon the plane's battery once engine started

A plane's engine is feeded with a mixture of air and fuel. That occurs through either a carburetor, or a fuel injection system

Reciprocating, carburator or fuel-injection engines thus are controlled through two commands. The gas throttle is increasing the quantity of the fuel-air mixture which enters the carburator or participates into the injection system, as the mixture control is setting the quantity of fuel which arrives to carburetor or cylinders. The carburetor heat further possibly comes to complement. When the plane is featuring a adjustable-pitch propeller, a pitch control is extant too in the plane

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