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The Morse Code

Code morse

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Morse code is no more used nowadays as it has been replaced with radio communications, or even the Internet. The Morce code is a alphabet by points and draws which was used at the time of the wired or radioed telegraph. Morse code was widely used in the 1890s for early radio communication, before it was possible to transmit voice. Because Morse code has a long range, it was also used to transmit the international maritime emergency frequency (500 kHz). The SOS distress signal (...---...) is probably the best known message in Morse code

In the aviation world, the Morse code is only still used today to check the ID of the miscellaneous radionav aids like the VORs, NDBs, etc. Once you have set the frequency of a navaid unto you receptor, you will just check whether it's really the one you want to use as you will listen to its ID as radioed in Morse code. Each letter of the identificator of the navaid is aired and loop-aired in the Morse code format. You will find too here below, the Morse code for numbers

B-...O- - -
C-.-.P.- -
D-..Q- -.-
G- -.T-
J.- - -W.- -
L.-..Y-.- -
M- -Z- -..
1.- - - -6-....
2..- - -7- -...
3...- -8- - -..
4....-9- - - -.
5.....0- - - - -

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