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How to Handle Wind at Landing?

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The question of how to handle wind at landing holds two aspects. On the one hand, a approach and landing may have to take in account a important crosswind. On the other hand, some specific wind conditions may interfere, like a wind shear

How to Land With a Crosswind?

A strong crosswind during a approach and landing which a pilot would not counter would lead to that the plane shifted laterally from the runway axis or that landing proper could be dammageable for the landing gear. Should the pilot counter a crosswind in a improvised manner, that would bring a disordonated flight and a questionable touchdown too. Two standard ways of flying a plane for a crosswind landing are extant

It looks like pilots in the USA are adviced to use both method jointly during a approach and landing as they first fly the crab method on the approach and transition to the wing-low method for the roundout and touchdown by some 100ft AGL

Other Wind-Related Conditions at Landing

Wind may also interfere in a more dangerous manner with a landing. You will note that the wind conditions described below also may be encountered at takeoff

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