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A Plane's Lights

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A plane has to be fitted with miscellaneous lighting systems, for miscellaneous functions. Such lights usually are modelized in the FS series -albeit more or less finely, especially as far to activate/deactivate them is concerned. We will herein describe how a plane's lights are used in flight. You will note, further, that our tutorial not only works for GA planes but, too, for all types of planes more generally

a GA plane with its light at night!a GA plane with its lights at night!

Accessorily, wing lights are lights with lighten the leading edge of a wing and the engine's air inlet are switched on by night. They generally are not modelized with FS default planes. Such lights allow to a better aesthetics in case of airliners, a better visibility with regard to other airplanes and the pilot's visual check of possible presence of frost upon wings and engines. So-called 'turnoff lights' are lights wich are installed, generally, on a wing close to the fuselage. Airliners' pilots use those to better check the plane's trajectory during a turn while taxiing as they are lightening at a angle of 45° relative to the plane's main axis! As far as airliners are concerned, at last, the tail logo's light might look like a commercial effect but it is mandatory at takeoff because it helps to the plane's visibility. That light otherwise is at the captain's discretion

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