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Heavies' Operating, Payload and Fuel Data in The Microsoft Flight Simulator Franchise

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Important! To Read! those tutorials about the night VFR and IFR ratings, and about flying the airliners are not as accurate and reliable than those dedicated to the VFR flights. It's because we really practised the VFR flights, as we didn't ever qualify for the night VFR and the IFR ratings nor any commercial license! Our tutorials about such flights are based on our VFR experience only, and augmented with data and readings taken from the Internet! People who would like to find in those the same level of accuracy and details than in our VFR tutorials, should better turn to further websites or source. People who are just looking for a honest level of realism might be satisfied already with the level of our tutorials about the night VFR, IFR flights, and the ones aboard an airliner

The recentest versions of the Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise allow to determine the payload and fuel taken aboard a heavy. In the source found on the Internet, of into the FS themselves, specs items vary as do the numbers for each item. We have gathered, for the most used heavies in the Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise, data available and tried to make them something useable. Such data will be of used in calculating load and fuel data for a flight. A second table is giving more useable data in terms of operating a plane, like the typical seating, speed, range, etc. For both tables, alternate in brackets as brackets used for non-alternate data are defined as such

PlaneBasic, or Operating Empty Weight (in lb)Max. Zero Fuel Weight (in lb)Max Takeoff Weight (MTOW) (in lb)Max. Fuel Capacity (US gal)Max. Cargo Capacity (in m3 (cu ft), in lb)Typical Seating
Boeing 737-40069,000-74,170 113,000138,500-150,0005,31123.3-38.9 (822-1,373), 40,256108-146 2-class (179) (149-189 max.)
Boeing 737-80080,200-98,500174,170144,500-187,7006,87521.4-52 (756-1,835), 45,282108-177 2-class (130-220 max.)
Boeing 747-400 Passengers393,263554,991875,000 (815,000)57,285170.5 (6,025), 155,690565-660 1-class, 496 2-class, 412 3-class
Boeing 747-400 Cargo356,000610,000800,00053,800738.1 (26,067) (typical)na
Boeing 777-300353,800495,003660,000 (620,000)45,220216 (7,640), 145615386 (368) 3-class, 451 (479) 2-class, 550 max. 1-class)
the cargo payload of a Boeing 747-400 freighter is typically dispatched between a main deck (palletts), 2 forward (pallets and LD-1s) and 2 aft options (pallets and LD-1s)
cockpit crew is typically 2 for all those heavies; cabin crew variable and might be, for example: 4 (734), 6 (738), 20 (747), 17 (777); a second cockpit crew may be available on long haul cargo flights for a crew shift


PlaneMax. Range at MTOW (in NM)Cruising Speed (in Mach)Service Ceiling (in ft)Required Runway at Takeoff at MTOW (standard temperature, in ft)Required Runway at Landing (standard temperature, in ft)
Boeing 737-4002,270-2,400 (2,800)0.7437,0007,550-8,500 (8,470)5,134
Boeing 737-8003,050-5,510 (4,000) 0.7841,0005,249-9,8435,447
Boeing 747-400 Passengers7,260-8,350 (6,177-7,019).8545,8009,902 (10,066)7,266
Boeing 747-400 Cargo7,260-8,350 (6,177-7,019).8545,8009,902 (10,066)7,266
Boeing 777-3004,050-5,940.8443,67012,3336,000

Check, further our 'Tweaking Payload Stations for FSX Original, or Imported Heavies' tutorial, where you will see some tweaking of the load stations in the aircraft.cfg file of a given plane, allowing for more realism with a flight load calcultation!

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