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Tweaking Payload Stations for FSX Original, or Imported Heavies

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As we had imported FS2002 heavies into FSX, we found some tweaks about the passengers payload of the Boeing heavies with FSX which are working with both the imported, or the default models in that latter franchise (CAUTION! INTERVENING INTO FSX FILES OR FOLDERS needs some caution as such folders and files are sensitive. Always first make a backup of the file or folder upon which you are going to work so to be able back to your original settings in case of trouble!)

illustration for the tutorial: Tweaking Payload Stations for FSX Original, or Imported Heavies
The reference (right) and to-modify plane (left) in terms of load stations(non-clickable illustration)

Here you are, you can now check the payload to your airplane is a more realistic way! You will not, that, generally, such the modifications described, do not affect the behavior of the plane when used like a AI by the simulator

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