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Important! To Read! those tutorials about the night VFR and IFR ratings, and about flying the airliners are not as accurate and reliable than those dedicated to the VFR flights. It's because we really practised the VFR flights, as we didn't ever qualify for the night VFR and the IFR ratings nor any commercial license! Our tutorials about such flights are based on our VFR experience only, and augmented with data and readings taken from the Internet! People who would like to find in those the same level of accuracy and details than in our VFR tutorials, should better turn to further websites or source. People who are just looking for a honest level of realism might be satisfied already with the level of our tutorials about the night VFR, IFR flights, and the ones aboard an airliner

. The IFR Rating (Retractable Landing Gear and Controllable-Picth Propeller Rating)
. The IFR Rating (IFR Rating Proper -Aboard a Twin Engine)
. The Turbocharged Engine
. Weight and Balance Calculations for The Multiengine Airplane
. Icing Conditions
. The Holding Pattern
. IFR Rules
. The RNAV Concept for Routes and Approaches
. The International, Transoceanic and Raid Flights

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